Normal Moved With No Forwarding Address

Normal moved with no forwarding address. For everyone trying to get back to her, know this, she packed her bags and retired with her relatives in the Land Of The Past. The Land Of The Past is a gated community that is entered by invitation only after a term of duty. Normal will only conduct limited interviews with those who want to understand her lessons and contribution.

We will hear a lot of Purpose Peeps talking about returning to Normal. Normal left a space for us to build anew. She is generous in that way although it may take a while to understand and embrace her generosity.

In the space that Normal left, she wants us to use the blueprint she left behind and improve upon it. She wants us to bring something new to the space that holds homage that she was here, she mattered and is the bridge to what’s next. She says we can name the new space after her, New Normal, if we must.

Normal does not want us to not rush to find her or try to recreate her but to take lessons from the butterfly. Stay in our cocoons to get all we need to transform and emerge in our next form. Cocoon time works differently than our construct of time. We have the opportunity to live the duality of cocooning while being present to what is.

The cocoon is not our home or sheltering in places. Normal describes the cocoon as the place where we take stock and shed what can not endure the shift to what is next. The cocoon is quiet, reflective, and where the deepest change occurs.

Normal knew some of us would ask, “why change?” She says it is ok to admit that we outgrew her. She served her purpose and her last assignment is to leave so that we can squeeze out of the cocoon, like the butterfly, through a tiny opening of hope and light that shows us the way through. She says, “it may be tight and tough going, but on the other side is the version of you that will establish the foundation for what you will create in the space of my legacy to you. If you rush out of your cocoon experience, you may look like something new but you will still function like the old because of the weight that you did not shed. It is important to adapt to survive and thrive in what will be.”

Normal wants us to accept when other Purpose Peeps keep pursuing her. She reminds us that it took a while for the caterpillar to understand that she had to eat the leaf that was her home, her normal, to be strong enough to endure her change. It was a part of the process. Normal invites us to hold space for ourselves and others as we grow to accept that she moved on and parts of her will nourish the change we are birthing, but will not be the full embodiment of the change.

Normal shares one last gift — the knowledge that she lives within what we establish in her place as a part of its foundation through the wisdom and lessons she left. We will experience hints of her. We will hear her cautionary tales guiding us like gentle whispers and sometimes a strong nudge, push, or slamming door! Normal says the greatest way to honor her is to see the best of her living within her successor. I imagine her winking at us when she says, “I was one of a kind and can never be duplicated. Some will try but they will not last. As it should be.”

Normal wishes us well during her greatest act of love. She leaves so that we may grow, flourish, and continue our assignments in her absence as she completed her assignments in our presence.

Author, Purpose Coach, Resultant & Speaker who creates tools that unlock purpose clarity in people & orgs who deliver results that matter

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